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TSJA three-phase oil-immersed induction regulator

Product overview

TSJA type oil-immersed voltage regulator adopts new chuting technology, giving good waveform which meets IEC standards for electrical test power requirements. This series can smoothly and steplessly adjust load voltage, with small output voltage waveform distortion. It is long lasting, running reliably, easy to maintain, has low loss, and strong tolerance for overload. It has two regulating speeds, making it the most ideal adjustable power supply for motors, transformers and other electric appliances.


Applicable occasions

Inductive voltage regulators can smoothly and continuously adjust the output voltage under on-load circumstance. It is mainly used in electrical appliances testing, furnace temperature control, rectifier equipment support, generator excitation, etc., and it is widely used in machinery manufacturing, chemical, textile, communications, military and other industries.

We can look for manufacturers to design and produce products of special requirements according to specific customer needs.

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