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GCK low voltage switchgear

GGD switchgear is one of the most mature power distribution system in distribution system. It is reasonable in design, mature and stable in performance. GGD low voltage distribution cabinet design with high standard products, strong universality, the cabinet is very convenient configuration of other standard components, resulting in reduced costs and low prices, is widely used, because the GGD cabinet has the advantages of simple structure maintenance is also very convenient, at the same time, the product performance is stable in the process of using the accident rate very low, so the majority of the electricians love this switch cabinet.
Type GGD AC low voltage distribution cabinet for power plants, substations, industrial enterprises and other power users as AC 50Hz, rated voltage 380/660V, rated current distribution system to 35 0A as power, lighting and power distribution equipment, power conversion, distribution and control purposes. The product has high breaking capacity, rated short-time withstand current up to 50KA. The circuit scheme is flexible, convenient to assemble, strong in practicability and novel in structure.
Use conditions
① Ambient air temperature is not higher than +40℃, not less than -5 ℃. Within 24 hours the average temperature shall not be higher than +35 ℃. Over time, according to the actual situation to reduce capacity operation.
② Indoor use, the altitude of the place of use shall not exceed 2000m.
③ The relative humidity will be less than 50% when the air around the highest temperature is +40 ℃, in the low temperature allowed relative humidity: +20 ~ C is 90%, due consideration should be given to the effects of temperature changes may happen.
④ When installation of the device and the vertical surface of the tilt is not more than 5 degrees, and the whole set of counters relatively flat (in line with the GBJ232-82 standard).
⑤ The device shall be installed in the place where there is no violent vibration and impact and insufficient to make the electrical components be corroded.
⑥ The users have special requirements, can be resolved through consultation with my company.
Main technical parameters
Rated insulation voltage: 600V          
Rated working voltage: 380V          
The rated current (A) of horizontal bus is: 630, 800, 1250, 1600, 2000, 2500, 3150, 3500, 5000
Bus short-time withstand current (ICS):50kA, 80kA         
Shell protection class: IP40          
GGD power distribution cabinet size (h * d * w) :2200*600 (700, 800) *800 (1000)
Functional characteristics
①     GGD AC low voltage switchgear cabinet adopts the general cabinet form, the framework uses 8MF cold formed steel local welding assembly. The frame parts and the special accessory parts are matched by the fixed-point steel production plant to ensure the accuracy and quality of the cabinet body. The components of the general cabinet are designed according to the principle of the module, and the mounting holes of the 20 modes are high, and the universal coefficient is high. 
②     According to the requirements of modern industrial product design, the "golden ratio" method is used to design the shape and the size of each part. 
③     The utility model is connected with a frame by a rotary shaft movable hinge. Have a "山" type rubber strip embedded the hem of the door, when the door between the door and the frame of the molding a certain compression stroke can prevent the door with the direct collision, also improve the level of protection of the door. 
④     A plurality of soft copper wire is connected with the frame with the electrical components of the instrument door mounting cabinet and frame with knurling screw fastening, the entire cabinet form a complete grounding protection circuit. 
⑤     The cover can be removed during installation and adjustment for field bus, on top of the cabinet with four angle rings, used for lifting and loading. 
⑥     Cabinet protection class is IP30.

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