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SGB/DGB series dry-type, isolating, voltage transformer

Product overview

SGB (DGB) series three-phase (single-phase) dry-type, isolating, voltage transformer is a multi-coil (double coil and above) structure voltage transformer, the primary and secondary windings are insulated from each other. Its transformation ratios are of fixed and tapping type, which enable voltage bucking and boosting. It can also electrically isolate input and output windings from each other to avoid risks of simultaneous access to electrified body (or electrified metal parts due to insulation damage) and ground hazard. Besides, it also has certain inhibiting effect of various kinds of interference.

Main functions of SGB (DGB) series three-phase (single-phase) dry-type, isolating, voltage transformer:

1. Electrical safety isolation

2. Adjustment of voltage class

3. Overcome center drift, and improve power supplying balance

4. Anti-surge and wave-filtering


Applicable occasions

SGB (DGB) series three-phase (single-phase) dry-type, isolating, voltage transformer is mainly used in power supply places with AC 50-60Hz, with an input supply voltage does not less than1140V (AC), such as buildings, airports, railway stations, docks, enterprises, tunnels and all other power transmission and distribution places which frequently require to change voltage class and security isolation. Rated input voltage, rated output voltage, join groups, tap winding capacity allocation can all be designed and manufactured according to user requirements.

SGB (DGB) series three-phase (single-phase), dry-type, isolating, voltage transformer should be used indoors, and the normal operating conditions are:

      1. Ambient temperature: -15 - + 45

      2. Altitude: <1000M

      3. Relative humidity: <95%

      4. No gas, steam, chemical deposition, dirt and other explosive and corrosive media can serious affect the transformer insulation.

      5. The installation site is without severe vibration or bumps.


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