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ZBW Series Intelligent Non-contact AC Voltage Stabilizer

Product Overview

As a new generation of AC stabilized-voltage power suppliers, ZBW was developed by Audren, satisfying the special needs of power supply for equipment with high quality, and high precision. Equipped with multiple advantages of fast response, high precision in voltage regulating, no carbon brush, no contact, no machinery, free maintenance, and three phase voltage automatic balance. ZBW series is the upgraded product of SBW mechanical stabilizer.
 The product passed CE certification in EU, SONCAP certification in Africa, and other certifications and has been widely and well used in different areas like mechanical processing, medical equipment, printing equipment, radio and television communication system, etc. The quality of the products is well appraised by users.
Applicable Ocassions:
ZBW Series Intelligent and non-contact AC voltage stabilizer can be used in different CNC machining center, medical equipment, printing machinery equipment, environmental testing equipment, electronic test equipment, communications equipment etc. It is particularly useful in poor power supply environment with high grid fluctuation and voltage instantaneous mutation.

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