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SBW Series Compensate-type Voltage Stabilizer

Product overview

Introducing and absorbing the latest advanced foreign technology, the SBW Series three-phase automatic compensate-type voltage stabilizer is designed for stabilizing alternating voltage. In cases of voltage fluctuation caused by load change or surrounding power supply voltage fluctuation, the machine could maintain the stability of output voltage automatically. Compared with other types of voltage stabilizer, SBW series products are more advanced in a larger capacity, higher efficiency and regulate the voltage stably without wave distortion. The RSBW of SBW series has wide scope in load with the ability of enduring transient overload. The high power voltage stabilizer can work continuously and can be switched freely between manual and auto mode. In addition, the stabilizer is equipped with various protection in over-voltage, lack of phase, phase sequence and mechanical fault automatic protection. It is of smaller volume and lighter weight.  The SBW Series Compensate-type Voltage Stabilizer can be operated reliably with convenient usage and installation.

Applicable Occasions:
The SBW high power voltage stabilizer can be applied in the occasions like
Large mechanical and electrical equipment, metal processing equipment, production lines, construction equipment, elevators, medical equipment, embroidery, textile equipment, air conditioning, radio and television, household electrical appliances, and lighting in a large number of areas like industry, agriculture, transportation, post and telecommunications, military, railway, scientific, culture, etc.
 SBW Series Compensate-type Voltage Stabilizer should be used indoors and regular conditions are:
  1. Ambient Temperature: -10℃-45℃
  2. Altitude:-10℃-45℃
  3. Relative Humidity: 20﹪-90%
  4. NO materials like gas, steam, chemical deposition, dust, dirt and other explosive or corrosive media that will seriously affect the voltage stabilizer insulation.
  5. No serious vibration or turbulence in the installation site.

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